Payment Terms & Conditions


The customer shall pay on checkout for the items ordered on the supplier’s website using a valid debit or credit card. Payment must be in AUS dollars and paid in full as per payment link provided. Once payment has been made and order submitted through website the items will be delivered by supplier (as per delivery days stated by supplier).


Items that are ordered and paid for by the customer at checkout, that are sold out or out of stock will; 1) be substituted for a similar item to the same value, 2) replaced with a similar item of greater value.


Refunds will be provided to customers if no substitutes are available at time of delivery. Refunds will be provided by way of two options at the supplier’s discretion. 1) a cash refund on delivery of goods, for the value of the item sold out or out of stock at the time of delivery, 2) an electronic funds transfer (eft) into the customers bank account by mutual agreement and once bank details are provided by the customer. The eft will be within 14 days of the agreed refund by both parties.